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Title: Being Sick and it's Consequences
Summary: Why Mark hates being sick
Word Count:
Notes: I own nothing. Mark and Maureen are property of Mr. Larson. Mr Tumnus is property of CS Lewis. And the mention of "A Christmas Story" goes to it's owner. Also, this is just a bit of something that I had to do. I read the challenge and thought of this. So if you recognize something from the movie, don't blame my current viewing at all.... *shifty eyes*

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A challenge like no other... or not

Well, I mentioned it to about our tie, but she still hasn't gotten back to me on it. I also told her about my idea, and the same, so I thought I'd go ahead and present my idea anyway, and go from here.

I offer as a challenge a crossover fic. RENT and anything else. Don't worry about timelines, or anything like that. And it can be any kind of pairing. I just wanna see how creative you guys can get. XD
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Every Time Around

Name: Every Time Around
Author: Erin (rogerschica)
Rating: Erhm... PG? I guess?
Summary: Benny heads up to Mimi's apartment to fix her shower and... stuff happens.
Disclaimer: Characters are the property of Jonathan Larson's estate and song lyrics are property of Adam Pascal. So, basically, nothing's actually mine.

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Name: Every Time Around
Author: Katie (nob0dysangel)
Rating: G
Summary: Mark confesses some feelings hes been hiding.
Disclaimer: Don't own the lyrics (written by Mr. Pascal) and don't own the characters.
Notes: Yeah... this is kinda crappy LOL I just really wanted in on this challenge since I <3 Adam's lyrics and all. I didn't reuse the chorus because I think this is already too long haha So I hope you enjoy! :)

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Title: Just Here To The Left Of You - Roger’s POV
Authors: Co-written by Chris singingchipmunk and Corinna daphnerunning (she's not on here though)
Disclaimer: Neither the song, nor the characters belong to me (us). The song was written by Adam Pascal, and the characters belong to the awesome Jonathan Larson.
Pairing: Roger/Mark (Complete slash)
Rating: M or R for sexual situations.
Summary: Um... read the story to see.
Notes: I'm glad I talked Ash into asking about doing this in this community. XDD The song and it’s meaning belong to Adam Pascal (which he admitted himself was true). The authors would like to point out that this was written over the phone in two hours, between 1 and 3a, Corinna’s time, and 10 and 12a, Chris’ time, on a school night (for Corinna). Originally posted in under the pen name iheartGayjewishboysApparel.

Dedicated to all the Roger/Mark slasherfans out there cuz you guys totally rock. Special dedications go out to my favourite Mark aretheresheep, my favourite and ONLY Angel lilchibibunny, and geeky_ginger who can make me smile, and is totally awesome. Also kindly dedicated to Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp for making Roger and Mark so fucking hot. Thank you Adam for writing this song with a catchy tune, and lyrics about… well, you’ll figure it out as you read. Enjoy!

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X-posted _rentfic
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Well, I've been given the ok to give the new challenge....and I must give a thanks to Chris/singingchipmunk/sweetness tease for helping me come up with this one. Well, here goes.

Ok, most if not all of you RENT fans out there have Adam Pascal's album "Model Prisoner," so this week's challenge is to pick a song off of that album and turn it into a song fic about any character(s) from the play/movie. You can make it het or gen or slash...about a single person or a couple....funny or depressing...whatever your heart desires.

HAPPY WRITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
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Hello....anyone there?

So....this community's been like dead quiet for over a month...and I was wondering if it would be ok to maybe post a challenge....I've got one that might kick some life back into the community....but I wanted to ok it with y'all I?
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Hey. I'm Leslie, and I'm new. Decided to introduce myself.
Oh, and write.

Title: And a braaaaa!
Author: Leslie (queenofthadorkz)
Summary: Maureen and Joanne fight a common fear.
Word Count: 304
Notes: Post Rent. Although fears can be depressing, I tried to make this a comedey. Sorta.

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Title: Dawning
Author: Kellie (lilchibibunny)
Summary: Angel muses over things. (I was never good at summaries.)
Rating: PG, I suppose.
Word Count: 700.
Notes: Songwise: Between "Without You" and "Contact". I saw the topic, and instantly thought about Angel. I haven't seen too many fics written solely about Angel, and I hadn't written one. So, here it is. I hope it's clear enough, forgive me if it isn't.

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